Bookstore Cats

What is it about cats and books? They seem to go together quite naturally. I’m not a dog person so apologies upfront to those of you who are, but I don’t see the same synergy between dogs and books. How many bookstore dogs have you ever met? I’ve been cleaning out my picture files lately in an attempt to organize ahead of a hardware change and came across some bookstore cats that I’ve encountered in my travels. I don’t have the level of detail you can find in the AbeBooks: Catalog of Bookstore Cats (get it?…CATalog…) but they are fun to look at.

This black beauty was napping quite happily on a table of sale books at the Acqua Alta bookshop in Venice, Italy.

Cat and books in Venice Acqua Alta Bookshop entrance

The house cats at Adams Avenue Book Store in San Diego hang out in the chairs when they’re not tweeting (@BartlebysBlog) or roaming the shelves.

Cat at Adams Avenue Bookstore cat in chair

Speaking of tweeting cats, I also follow @TinytheUsurper from the Community Bookstore in Brooklyn. I don’t have a picture. I might have to make a trek to Park Slope to add him/her to my collection. Does your favorite bookstore have a resident cat, tweeting or not?


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